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Komatsu Koshin (小松倖真) is the youngest member of Japanese idol group, BUGVEL. He was a participant in the survival show PRODUCE 101 JAPAN (2019), and was eliminated at Rank #22 on Episode 11. During this time, his fans (called komapu, short for Komatsu Producer) assigned him the Pokemon character, Pachirisu, which is why he is often associated with that and chipmunks. Komapu also gave him the catchphrase, "saiko-shin!" which is a pun on saikou (the best, amazing) and Koshin; however, Koshin is quite shy with using this! Fans see Koshin as a very bright and energetic boy, with an earnest personality and proper mannerisms. His diligence and wonderful heart are enough reasons to make anyone want to support him! ☀


  • Kanji name: 倖 (kou) "happiness, fortune" + 真 (shin) "truth, honesty"

  • Birthday: October 22, 2001

  • Blood Type: A

  • Height: 165cm

  • Hometown: Hyogo, Japan

  • Siblings: One (1) older sister

  • Favorite food: Pickled cucumber (きゅうりの浅漬け)

  • Favorite idol: SHINEE (particularly Taemin!)